Web-Portal Solutions For Planned Communities

Planned Communities are like self-contained mini-cities that prioritize convenience and luxury for their residents. They’re craftily “planned out” neighborhoods where amenities and entertainment like grocery stores, shopping centers, trail systems, fitness facilities, (and much more) are easily accessible. Whether your community is professionally managed or not, MyHOA Web-Portals can provide your Planned Community with a communications platform to manage amenities, local events, and maintenance; and as a Web App, can reach residents With Real-Time Notifications on their mobile devices, Keeping Residents Engaged and up to date on community emergencies and important information.


Online Resident Portal

When residents connect to your Planned Community Web-Portal, they create a unique user account that is assigned a role. This allows you to restrict access to specific applications and content based on user roles such as Amenity Reservations, Voting Modules, Online Documents, and more. Provide A Unified Space For Content Sharing And Information Gathering that further promotes a favorable online environment, and keeps residents engaged with their Community.

Online Resident Portal Profile Page for Web-Portals
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Communication Tools

The Key To A Successful And Healthy Planned Community Is Effective Communication. The Communication modules we offer include Live Chat, Live Video Meetings, Blogs, Media Gallery, Media Library, Groups (for committees and more), Events, Docsign, Nearby, Pet Registry, Community Newsfeed, and more. We provide your community with the tools needed to create and execute a Good Communication Strategy to promote Healthy Communication channels within your community.


Community Safety

Help Improve The Quality Of Your Planned Community by working together to preserve community safety. Often there is no way to communicate with neighbors about security issues, there is no neighborhood watch in place, and the community is lacking in enforceable rules. The only thing that keeps you from taking control of your Planned Community and eliminate vandalism, burglary, and other community-based crime is proactive communications by all the residents within your neighborhood through real-time notifications. Thus providing a safer and more secure community.

Community Manager protecting its residents
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Real-Time Notifications

MyHOA Web-Portals can be offered as a Website or a Mobile Web App Allowing For Information On The Go. Report community emergencies, send invites or updates to community Events and Groups, or Live Chat with residents directly from your mobile device. Keep Your Residents Engaged and up-to-date on all relative information with Announcements and Notifications to Stay Informed on matters concerning your Planned Community, No Matter Where You Are.

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