Web-Portal Solutions For High-Rise Communities

The National Fire Protection Association defines High-Rise Communities as residential buildings taller than 75 feet or seven stories high. These buildings can range upwards of 40 or 50 floors, with some in New York City reaching more than 70 floors. The management of High-Rise units can be incredibly difficult, hence the need to come up with the proper strategies and plans to make the handling of the property and its residents easier. MyHOA Web-Portals provide High-Rise Communities with the communication and administrative tools necessary to promote an environment with safer and more engaged residents, giving managers the ability to dedicate more time to important community tasks.


Online Resident Portal

When residents within your High-Rise community connect to your Web-Portal, they create a unique user account that is assigned a role. This allows management to restrict access to specific applications and content based on user roles such as Amenity Reservations, Voting Modules, Online Documents, Payment Options and more. Encourage The Involvement Of Your Residents by providing a unified space for content sharing and information dissemination, that further promotes a favorable online environment, and keeps residents engaged with their High-Rise Community.

MyHOA.tech Online Resident Portal for Web-Portals
MyHOA.tech Woman smiling and checking her community web-portal from her laptop while sitting at her window in a high-rise apartment

Communication Tools

High-Rise Communities require a leadership effort that is focused on clear, and concise communication. We provide the tools needed to create and execute a Good Communication Strategy to promote Healthy Communications within your community. The communication modules we offer include Live Chat, Live Video Meetings, Blogs, Media Gallery, Media Library, Groups, Events, Docsign, Nearby, Pet Registry, Community Newsfeed, and more to enable Engaging, and Effective Communications.


Building Safety

Help Improve The Security Of Your High-Rise Community by working together to preserve community safety. Often there is no way to communicate with neighbors about security issues, and the building is lacking in enforceable rules. The main thing that keeps you from taking control of your High-Rise Community and eliminating vandalism, burglary, and other community-based crime is proactive communications towards all the residents within your building. Thus Providing a safer and more secure environment.

MyHOA.tech Building managers protecting its residents
MyHOA.tech Woman checking notifications on her mibile device while at the park

Real-Time Notifications

MyHOA Web-Portals can be offered as a Website or a Mobile Web App Allowing For Information On The Go. Report building emergencies, send invites or updates to community Events and Groups, or Live Chat with residents directly from your mobile device. Keep Your Residents Engaged and up-to-date on all relative information with Announcements and Notifications to Stay Informed on matters concerning your community, yeilding more time for managers to focus on other important tasks, No Matter Where You Are.


Day-To-Day Operations

Communicate What The Building Management Is Doing At All Times, provide tools that empower residents to voice opinions and collectively share in the process and thus the burden. Reduce The Amount Of Phone Calls And Mundane Tasks from realtors, vendors and residents by providing online access to relative applications and information that can automate and Simplify Day-To-Day Operations, Cut Costs, and free up time for managers to deal with more important tasks for your High-Rise Community.

MyHOA.tech High-Rise property manager smiling because web-portals made her job easier

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