Web-Portal Solutions For Civic Associations

A Civic Association is a group of citizens who have voluntarily joined together for collective action on community affairs. In general, its objectives are to preserve, enhance, and plan for the orderly development of the neighborhood and to promote the general welfare, safety and civic spirit of the community. MyHOA Web-Portals can increase the value you provide to local businesses, religious organizations, schools, city government officials, and all the community members in-between with the use of our Web-Portal Platform. Reinforce the power of a unified community voice by giving your Civic Association the tools necessary to strengthen local business relations and further improve the amazing qualities of your community with Events pages, Groups, Live Video Meetings, a Community Newsfeed and more.


A Voice For Residents

Your Web-Portal platform provides a unified space for content sharing and information dissemination for your Civic Association members. Your users can create a unique profile within your Web-Portal platform and are able to access key features and tools. By Giving Your Community Members An Online Presence (or Voice) their opinions are able to be heard by local businesses and governing officials, and it provides them with a place to connect with their community.

Residents communicating to local businesses and governments through an online platform
Civic Association connecting with local businesses or organizations to improve the community

Local Business Relations

Develop Powerful Relationships Between Your Civic Association And Local Business Entities by delivering them a platform to engage with community members. They can create an account and access key features to promote their organization such as posting special sales or promotions on the Community Newsfeed, and creating online or in-person Events and inviting local members. Maximize The Value Your Local Businesses Receive From Joining Your Civic Association by providing features they can't refuse.


Communication Tools

Our modular applications allow your communication to thrive among your Civic Associations members. We cover everything from a Community Newsfeed to Groups and Events modules, including a Live Video Meeting option for hosting community meetings or simply to chat between members. The communication tools we offer can magnify your communication efforts, organize them, and keep your members connected and engaged.

Resident connecting via live video chat to local businesses or other residents
Protecting the community through proactive communication efforts by all the residents in a communuity

Community Safety

Help Improve The Security Of Your Neighborhood by working together to Preserve Community Safety. Often there is no way to communicate with neighbors about security issues, there is no Neighborhood Watch, and the community is lacking in enforceable rules. The only thing that helps you Take Control Of Your Community and eliminate vandalism, burglary, and other community-based crime is Proactive Communications by all the members in your Civic Association through real-time notifications. Thus providing a safer, and more secure community.

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