End-To-End Solutions For Builders & Developers

A Real Estate Developer takes raw land, obtains the necessary permits, creates building lots, puts in the sewers, the water and electric lines, and the streets and curbs. Then, The Builder comes in and erects the residential structures. MyHOA Web-Portals provide an end-to-end solution for Builders and Real Estate Developers residential projects. From providing an engaging and interactive sales experience for your potential buyers to a full HOA Communications Web-Portal for homeowners that the community can retain after your last home is sold and you are no longer on site.


Interactive Sales

Builders can take advantage of our Rich-Media Sales Catalog by showcasing your floorplans or pre-built homes, upload HD images, video, offer Virtual Reality Tours, display blueprints and much more! Our Web-Portal Sales Modules enable your customers to see what is Near By, Book Appointments for Live Meetings and tours to engage with your sales team either in-person, or online. This allows your sales team to interact with buyers wherever they are within the sales cycle, no matter how busy their day might be, using the Same Persuasive Tact Of In-Person Sales.

MyHOA Interactive Home Sales
MyHOA Communication Modules

Communication Tools

Optimize your on-site team's ability to communicate efficiently with customers using our Builder and Real Estate Developer Web-Portals. Enhance your interactions with our Top-Of-The-Line Communication Modular Applications, such as Live Video Chat, Group Meetings, and Events Module to host open house showings, Direct Messaging between users, Push Notifications (with Web App), and Email Blasts to keep team members connected and your business, projects, and sales operations running efficiently.


Role-Based Solutions

Builders and Real Estate Developers can create custom roles for team members, customers, or investors and allow them to access modular applications and content based on the Roles That You Assign. User roles enable clear and effective communication and configures content to offer a Personalized User Experience within your Sales Web-Portal. This means that your Users Only Receive Content Tailored To Their Role and restricted access to sensitive data within your Web-Portal and your organization.

MyHOA Role Based Web-Portals
MyHOA After Sales Value

After Sales Value

Ensure Customer Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty, And Word-Of-Mouth Marketing by providing warranty information, change requests, online punch-lists, and schedule final walk-throughs for both the buyer and the sales team. Deliver After-Sales-Value by adding homeowner roles and modules to your Web-Portal, converting your development’s sales portal into an HOA or Community Web-Portal and leaving a Lasting Impression On Your Buyers. HOA modules: Groups, Events, Announcements, Parking, Online Voting, and more!

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