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January 22, 2023

Why should I consider an Access Control System?

Let’s start this blog with one simple question: since you are installing and making use of our surveillance cameras and alarm panels, then why not the next logical step?  That would be our Access Control Products. It may sound complicated and intimidating at first since you might not be familiar with our innovative, holistic approach to location access and security. The good news is that now we have all the tools and information to guide you on all the steps to get you started. 

We will go over the need, reasons – and benefits – of installing access control, but let’s start with your main question:

Why Should I Install Access Control?

All small businesses can benefit greatly with an access control system. Many business locations already may have our cameras and alarm installed at their sites - maybe even our alarm panels. So, we ask again, why not include access control? This would actually add value to your business by serving your current loyal clients and even bring in some new business.

And the main reasons for access control? Let us count the way:

  • With access control, you can easily keep track all daily transit at your location: The statistics would track when people come in and out of the various perimeters of the site, or when people access certain parts of your building. As the name Access Control implies, these products not only allow you to track access. They allow you to take control of it.

  • On occasions, you might need to grant access to specific access points in your building, now you will be able to do this without having to hand out keys. Which means, no need to duplicate keys every time you hire a new employee, or change locks when keys are lost, or lend keys temporarily to service/repair people - with the concern for the security that this entails. And don’t forget that a physical key is always “usable” 24/7. Any person with a key would have access to your location all day, every day. Access control solves all of these issues.

  • One key feature of access control is that it allows you to automatically set up a schedule for doors to close and open automatically at the preselected time, maybe during opening or closing time. You'll never again have to go home at the end of the day wondering if you left any doors unlocked, or rely on a third party to do the closing and opening.

  • If you want to grant access to specific areas to certain people on an as-needed basis, then access control is the key. You don’t need different locks on different doors and making sure each employee has keys to the doors that pertain to them, access control products resolves all of these challenges, while giving you control of everything in one convenient place using your computer or your cell phone.

As you assess the importance and usefulness of our access control products, and the values they add to your business location, now I am sure comes the natural question: “How do I get started?”.

What Do I Need In Order To Install Access Control?

This question is dependent on your operation and location. Because of this, every set up has to be individually configured. This is more a plus than a drawback since this guarantees that the system for your business meets your exact needs and criteria. Your satisfaction is thus assured right from the beginning. This flexibility ensures that every individual layout - no matter how big or small your system – is effectively managed. But to be clear, the common 3 denominators that are uniform in all Access Control systems are these: A) some sort of lock that grants/denies access, B) some sort of key to grant permanent or temporary access, and C) a board that controls it all. It’s our job at Peachwiz to do what we do best: bring it all together for you to your exact specifications. I am sure you can appreciate the purity of this design.

Final Thoughts

This blog post is intended to help you appreciate the simplified and practical way of implementing the Access Control for the complete autonomy of your security system. We hope that we were able to show the contrast between the simplicity and practicality of Access Control system and how valuable it is to your business and customers. We hope we answered your question “Why should I install an Access Control system?” and welcome you to take the first steps to secure your location with Peachwiz’s comprehensive security systems, set under your total control.

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Title: Why Aren't You Installing Access Control?

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